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Digital DNA

Create an engaging website which gives the marketing full control of every part of the website.

Digital DNA, is a leading tech event company based in Belfast, Northern Ireland it attracts speakers and guests from all over the world to come and learn together. They specialise in helping people collaborate.

The first port of call with the Digital DNA revamp was a sit down with the key stakeholders, we focused on the marketing team and what they were not happy about with the current website. We went through other sites and we gathered a research document. From this we came back with some simple hifi wireframes.

Visualising & Templating
Digital DNA knew exactly what they were after and we soon realised we were on the same path. We focused on the homepage and a simplified navigation. After only three pages being designed we agreed to move onto coding up the templates. We feel this is the best way to work as only once you code something up can you see how its going to look or how different it will look on different devices.

Tailoring WordPress
As the site is a central part of the business with new content being added daily we wanted to make it easy for the Digital DNA team to update all areas of the site, from headers to colour choices. We used WordPress and tailored custom fields to give the team the desired control. They have the ability to also make custom pages using the Visual Composer add on. We create some starting templates and with a bit of training they have been able to build out individual pages themselves.

What we Did

  • User Experience Design
  • Front End Development
  • Custom post types
  • Testing & Mobile Optimisation