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Olympic  Lifts

Giving the complete online presence a much needed a new lift with mulitple websites.

Olympic Lifts have been in business over the past 30 years, they have built a solid reputation and the industry leader in what they do.

They approached Glaze to firstly refresh their current online websites and then to expand that work in Digital Marketing. Our focus on the start was to research their target market. We broke their product range down into to Product Groups:

1. Lift Buyers
2. Stairlift Buyers

It soon became clear that each of these were looking for something different from a website. Life Buyers more technical documents where as with Stairlift buyers a more gentle approach and helping them make a tough decision. We ended up creating two websites and

Trust Signals
When we meet with cleints we always talk about “Trust Signals” a lot of people don’t understand what we mean by this. A trust signal is something that boosts the confidence in your brand. With Olympic Lifts we could use the number of installations, as well as a long standing business. We know this works as from reading some testimonials people have chosen Olympic Lifts over a cheaper competitor for this vary reason.

Easy to navigate
Once we had started thinking about the user we simplified the navigation. We look at the product range and broke it down into sub sections.

What we Did

  • User Experience Design
  • Front End Development
  • WordPress Integration
  • Custom Landing Pages for SEO
  • Testing & Mobile Optimisation
  • Speed and Accessibility Optimisation