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uSpec Kitchens

Making it easy and affordable to purchase a complete kitchen online.

uSpec came to us with an idea, the idea was the ability for someone to sit in their home and purchase their brand new kitchen and have it delivered within 10 days. We sat with the team to see what could be possible within a strict budget.

The first thing we did was look at what platform to use, we settled on Shopify, not just because we are experts but because its easy to use, the only thing we did not know was whether we would be pushing Shopify too far. As we needed landing pages, collections then individual products. So as we do with most projects we will be a rough and ready prototype on a development site, we showed this to the client who then added in all their product ranges. We then sat and explained how this could work.

Coming Together
The end result is a clean site design with custom HTML landing pages, that allows an customer to see the different styles of kitchens, when they click purchase, it then allows them to select the items from that Collection and purchase them.

Testing, Testing, Testing
Due to the complication of the sales process on this process, testing was key. From making sure everything was optimised for mobile & tablet, to test purchases on the checkout steps. We created multiple orders with different items to make sure everything worked.

Moving Forward
We are now working closely with uSpec to setup a targetted Pay per Click focused on generating new leads for the business. As well as iterating on the current website.

What we Did

  • Front End Development
  • Custom Shopify Templates
  • Addition of Products & Categories
  • Shopify Integration
  • Testing & Mobile Optimisation