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Mobile App Development Services

We develop for a range of platforms (iOS, Android, Web) but build the app natively for each of them to ensure the best user experience on each platform.

We don’t just work for you, we work with you to help come up with a solution.We will challenge you, we will give feedback but we will guarantee to help make your product better, that’s because we care about your success. We see ourselves as more partners. We offer more than just design, we offer advice and someone to consult and talk to about any issues or problems.

We know how to develop great software. It doesn’t matter whether we’re starting from scratch or working on an existing product. We work closely with you to meet your goals and needs.

For each development project, we work with you, to help establish short and long-term goals for your project and break them down into actionable pieces of work. This helps remind us what is important and not important and which actionable goals will help benefit the end user. We have experience building large scall platforms to simple efficient systems that help improve your business.

iOS Development

We build innovative mobile applications for startups and enterprises.

We take pride in awesome IOS Development. Any application we develop for IOS is native this ensures the best user experience on the platform. By building the app natively we can keep the app fast and usable. We practice in differentiated development, this means we can increase the user experience across devices. From the older version of IOS to the latest technologies in the newest releases.

Most of the IOS applications we develop consist of a mobile part and a backend. We make sure these seamlessly link and we follow closely to Apple’s Guidelines. From the initial kick off meeting we will give feedback and explain work arounds for any problems or limitations we may encounter.

Once an application has been designed & developed we implement analytics to help us monitor and evaluate the usage of the app. This allows us to see how people are using the application and lets us take an iterative approach to future development based on measurable data.

Android Development

When designing a mobile application, we pay precise attention to each detail because the end goal is an app that works and is usable for your end customer.

The android community reports over 1.5m android devices are being activated daily. There are over 850,000 applications in the marketplace already. Android also has faster approval times on the app distribution platform Google Play in comparison to Apple’s App Store.