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Social Media Services

Social Media is where people spend a large amount of their attention making it a valuable marketing channel to businesses.

Businesses can generate awareness effective for their product or service within their target audience on social media and they can build relationships with their audience.

We work with businesses to provide social media channel management and social media advertising. This enables businesses to generate awareness to their target audience and engage their customers.

Social Media Management
We provide social media channel management to manage all of the content production and engagement across social media channels. We create native micro content for each social media channel. We work with businesses closely to develop micro content for their audience utilising customer research.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising is the most effective and efficient channel for businesses to deliver a message to their audience. We work with businesses to deliver social media advertising campaigns that showcase their products and services or promote their content.

How we do Social Media Marketing

We begin by researching the business’s audience to gain a deep understanding of the customer.

Create a social media channel and content strategy.

Create a content calendar and begin publishing content and delivering advertising campaigns.

We create a client dashboard and monthly report outlining progress and the project KPIs.