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About Us

Meet Our Team

Richard Megaw


Co-Founder of Glaze Digital, Richard is a Digital Marketing Consultant who has worked in the industry for over 6 years. With his vast amount of knowledge and experience, Richard understands how to develop bespoke SEO and PPC marketing strategies based on keyword research, competitor analysis and visitor behaviour.

Mark Kelso


Co-Founder of Glaze Digital, Mark is a Shopify Expert, who focuses on increasing Conversion rate for Glazes clients. Mark has worked with multiple start-ups and global companies over the last 7 years, and these diverse projects have allowed him to develop his skills across a range of industries.

Laura Fulton

Digital PR

Laura has a keen understanding of the world of digital media, having begun her career with one of the UK’s leading teen pop culture websites. She has advised on and coordinated content campaigns with the largest book publishing houses in the UK and continues to apply creativity and insight to the individual goals of each client.

Steve Neil

Digital Marketing Manager

With over 10 years of marketing experience, specialising in social media, Steve has worked both for and with world-renowned brands across multiple industries. As our Digital Marketing Manager, Steve collaborates closely with our clients to develop their strategy, engage with their customers, and grow their online business.


Scott Millar


Scott provides our client with leading edge animated videos to help customers engage with their brands across all social media platforms. He graduated from Belfast MET and started his placement at Glaze Digital, after 6 months he now works full time for Glaze Digital and is a vital member of the team.



Web Developer

Liam is a web developer with 5 years experience and during this time Liam has specialised in Shopify helping store owners get the bespoke functionality their store needs to match their business requirements online. Outside of work Liam enjoys playing tennis & reading.


Web Developer

Craig is a web developer who has worked with multiple companies & charities fulfilling their development requirements . Craig has specialised in WordPress & Shopify websites for just under 6 years.

  • Case Study

    The Walk in Wardrobe

    We’ve worked closely with Walk in Wardrobe from launching their online store through their online growth which has seen over 63,000 online orders during this time.

  • Case Study

    Ballymount Fireplaces

    We worked with Ballymount Fireplaces to generate 10,000 online enquiries for their business through Google.

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