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Hi, we’re Glaze, a close-knit agency that
provides profitable digital solutions.

What do you do?

In short, we come up with answers to questions like:
“How do I sell more online?”
“What social media platforms are right for me?”
“Why are customers not engaging with us?”
“Who should we be targeting?”

After some coffee and face-to-face time, we’ll work closely with you
to uncover the best answers to these questions and take the right action to get results

How do you do it?

We like to think of our services as a digital toolbox. While we have lots of great tools at our disposal, we only use them if it makes sense (and money) for you and your business.

This means you won’t pay for stuff you don’t need and keeps us really focused as a team.

But hey, we know some people like lists, so here’s one to give you a better idea of our core services:

Why Do You Do It?

Well, it’s a long story, but it all started with a bottle of rum…

Richard was a marketing whizz-kid working out of coffee shops and making some serious waves in the digital space. Mark was a web-design prodigy creating a name for himself in the eCommerce world.

They went to school together but had lost touch. You know how life is; sometimes two people drift apart for no reason at all until suddenly they’re out of your life completely, leaving you both to wander around and live two separate lives, almost forgetting about the other person entirely — when suddenly without warning they pop into your head, visit you in a faint distant dream, or pull up a chair next to you the coffee shop you’ve been going to for years.

Or send you a message on LinkedIn. But either way, when they reconnected a few years later, it didn’t take long for the no-brainer question to surface:

“Look, we’re both really good at what we do — why the heck are we not doing it together?”.

One bottle of rum later, the agency was born.

Since 2012, we’ve proven ourselves as a genuine alternative to stuffy, clunky agencies.

But enough from us. Let’s hear from one of the guys themselves. Here’s a real-life quote from Richard that has been edited slightly by our copywriter for clarity and consistency in our tone-of-voice (thanks Matt).

"We wanted to create an agency that can serve big businesses, family companies and startups all under the one roof. In the early days we made a commitment that instead of overcharging clients for services they don’t need, we’d take the time to understand their problems and serve up solutions that make a difference to their bottom-line. This approach keeps us really focused and the fact we still work with loads of our ‘day one clients’ is something we’re really proud of.”

Who Do You Work With?

Biodegradable baby wipes, blackout blinds, innovative chimney inventions, designer fireplaces, freakish milkshakes, high-end fashion boutiques, luxury watches, security companies, chic dog clothing, homeless street-wear brands, local podcasters — you get the idea.

We’re curious folk at Glaze, and once we see how passionate our clients are about their businesses we’re totally hooked. We like to follow the rabbit-hole, ask the interesting questions and develop a bit of an obsession in the process.

While this makes us pretty sweet at pub quizzes, it also allows us to work from a place of deep understanding and passion, which ultimately lets us do our best work.

We’re open-minded and up for having a conversation with any sized business in any industry. Our promise to you is that we’ll only take on work we’ll enjoy and will knock out of the park.

So pick up the phone today or shoot us a text/email to see how we can use our digital skills to make you more money.

Web & Digital Marketing Agency in Belfast

How we can help you.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services to help our clients get noticed and grow their business online.

Community Management

We produce and publish content across our client’s communication channels to build relationships with the audience and grow their online community.

Web Design

We use data driven design to create engaging designs for digital products and websites across all screens. .


For any project we can offer an end to end solution from design to development, were involved from idea generation, wireframes, prototyping to development, user acceptance testing and training.