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Shopify B2B Stores

At Glaze Digital, we’ve built a reputation for expertise in crafting and marketing Shopify stores for a variety of Business-to-Business (B2B) brands. Our extensive experience in this area guides us in creating bespoke Shopify stores and marketing strategies that are finely tuned to the unique needs of the B2B sector.

A common approach we employ for businesses that cater to both consumer and B2B markets is the development of partner portals. These are addons to the customer-facing website, providing a separate, exclusive access point for B2B clients. Through these portals, B2B customers can log in to view and purchase products at special pricing, tailored to their business needs. This dual-structure setup ensures a seamless and efficient shopping experience for both sets of clientele, enhancing the store’s functionality and appeal.

Our focus is always on maximising the potential of our clients’ Shopify stores, ensuring they cater effectively to their diverse customer base while optimising their online presence in the competitive B2B marketplace.

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