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Glaze offers a Shopify design & development services which builds you a shopify site, while guiding you through the management process. Our customers turn over over £100k a month from our stores.

Ecommerce can be daunting for a business. Thinking of your products, categories, pricing, shipping, security can all become a lot of stress.

We try and take that stress off you. We are one of only two Shopify Experts in Belfast. We know Shopify like the back of our hand and we are trusted to deliver a superior service.

We have created multiple Shopify websites, each site has been carefully designed with the customer journey in mind. Our focus is on the User Experience. We create your new store to match your specific business & customer needs.

Shopify is a great platform, and has some incredible features, some of these include:
- 15 Day free Trial
- Secure Shopping Cart
- Sell on Facebook
- Abandon Checkout Recovery
- 70 Payment Gateways
- Shopify Mobile App
- Coupons & Gift Cards
- Unlimited Products & Inventory Tracking.

Secure, Fast & Easily Set up

Shopify is Level 1 PCI Compliant which will keep your customers data secure and provides a level of trust to potential customers. Shopify runs its own Content Delivery Netowrk, this means your images are delivery fast to your customers around the world. With Shopify you have no server setup requirements. It manages all aspects of the infastructure and upgrading so you can focus on building and running your business.

From helping you with initial setup, to integrating your brand, to designing the website, we can guide your through the complete process. This lets you focus on growing your business.

Shopify is an incredible platform that will allow Belfast based companies to get up and running in no time and sell their products online.

Its relatively inexpensive compared to some larger platforms like Magento, but it handles that the big platforms can do including all the things that can cause the stress, from not having bugs, incredible support, SSL Certificate, Credit Card fraud an so much more.

Shopify App

Shopify POS

With Shopify POS you can sell your products and accept any payment on your iPhone or iPad. Shopify’s POS system updates your inventory, orders, and customers in real-time so you don’t have to. It works with multiple locations and allows you to sell anywhere, whether this is in store, at an event or exhibition. It manages everything to do with orders in one central place.

Shopify POS Belfast

If you dont don't believe us look at some of the clients shopify has. Even Kylie Jenner uses it so that must mean it is great.

Sure lets have a chat and get you up and online. You can email our Shopify Expert Mark on or call us 028 95 900 429.

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