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  • Sector:  Jewellery
  • Platform:  Shopify
  • Apps:  Klaviyo, Candyrack, Custom Templates


Since opening their doors in 1937, the Gardiner family has been at the forefront of Belfast’s jewelry market for four generations.

Boasting one of the highest qualified gemologists in the UK, no one can offer you better advice when selecting your perfect diamond or gemstone than them. This, combined with their state-of-the-art design system, means they are able to take customers on a journey beyond jewelry, expertly crafting something that is truly personal to them.


Gardiner Brothers sought to revitalize their brand, expand their customer base, and provide online search and purchasing options. However, purchasing a ring, particularly for an engagement or special occasion, is often a deeply personal experience that is seldom conducted online. Therefore, it was crucial for us to present the brand’s products with utmost clarity and effectiveness. Our goal was to replicate the in-store buying process seamlessly on the website while ensuring a smooth transition to the knowledgeable sales team at Gardiner Brothers.

  • Site Migration & 301 Redirects
  • Product Importing
  • Custom Ring Builder
  • 360 degrees Video Upload
  • Checkout Customisation
  • Integration with Klaviyo
  • App installation
  • Digital Consultancy
  • Speed Optimisation

Couldn’t recommend Glaze enough, from start to finish they have been brilliant to work with. Anything we have needed as always been done promptly with expert guidance along the way. Our online business has grown over the last couple of years we have been working together and we are looking forward to sustained growth over the coming years.

Michael Warke, Director