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  • Sector: Stone Work
  • Platform:  Shopify
  • Apps:  Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Analytics, Google Product Search


Ballymount Fireplaces are a fireplace and stove supplier based in Dublin. They were generating very little online enquiries and were being beaten by local competitors, so they asked Glaze Digital to help improve their Organic Search performance to generate more traffic to the website and outrank competitors.


We identified that there was a large search potential for the Irish fireplace market and Ballymount weren’t capitalising on this due to a poorly optimised website. Our strategy was therefore to make the Ballymount Fireplaces website best in class for the Irish fireplace market.

What we Did

We carried out detailed keyword research and identified that there was a large amount of category specific search volume that the website wasn’t optimised for e.g. “contemporary fireplaces.”

Therefore we began building product categories for each category that had a significant search volume. Each category page was built to be best in class with unique text and imagery.

Finally we carried out a digital PR campaign to generate links to the Ballymount site from relevant industry websites. This campaign enabled the business to share expert insight about interior design on relevant websites in Ireland and show their authority in the field, as well as helping to improve their organic search ranking on Google.


Organic Search traffic increased by over 500% and online enquiries increased by 700% generating over 10,000 leads through Organic Search for the business in 5 years. The website gained top positions for the most searched keywords such as “fireplaces Dublin” along with top positions for category search terms.

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