Shopify Support

Expert Shopify support for your store.

Access to Shopify Experts

We’re Shopify experts who have built more than 170 successful Shopify stores and can help you with your store. We’ll help you get the most out of your store, from making simple changes to using the latest Shopify features to their fullest.

Keep up to date with Shopify

Shopify is evolving quickly, and it can be hard to stay on top of the latest features and implement them for your store. That’s why we created a Shopify support service. We help business owners run their Shopify stores and use the newest features as they come out. We have two levels of support available.


Support is our basic support package, where we help you keep up to date with the latest Shopify features and carry out essential updates to your store.

Support Plus

Support Plus is our more advanced level of support, in which we work with you to ensure your store is up to date with the latest Shopify features, and we’re available to assist your store with advanced updates so you can make the most of the latest Shopify features as they’re released.

MembershipsSupportSupport Plus
Response Time3 Business Days24 Hours
Store UpdatesBasic UpdatesAdvanced Updates
Shopify SupportEmailPhone
Store ReviewEvery 12 MonthsEvery 6 Months
Development Discounted Rate
 Enquire NowEnquire Now

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