Shopify Marketing

Grow your store with our experienced Shopify marketers.

Proven Shopify Marketing Formula

We’ve developed a Shopify Marketing Formula that has been tried and tested to help stores of all sizes grow online with several stores growing from £0 to over £1 million in annual online sales. Our experts have worked across all industries and are at hand to share their knowledge and how it can benefit your Shopify marketing strategy.

Ecommerce Strategy

Using our Shopify Marketing Formula our marketing team will work with you to create a digital marketing strategy using our experience to show you what works and what has been a waste of money for clients in your sector. This will utalise the key parts of ecommerce strategy such as reviews & loyalty and channels such as PPC & email marketing.

Understand Your Performance

Our Shopify experts will work with you to set KPIs and report on these KPIs to track performance. We’ll benchmark your results against other Shopify stores so you can gain a deep understanding of how your store is performing.

A Connected Approach

We take a connected approach to marketing your store. The Glaze web team will work with you to ensure your store is set up to maximise it’s potential for visitors that we drive to the website. They’ll guide you on how to use the latest Shopify features and the tips they’ve learned from working with hundreds of Shopify stores that’ll help to unlock your store’s potential.

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