Earlier this year, Klaviyo announced its latest project: Klaviyo AI.

“At Klaviyo, we believe the future of marketing is autonomous, and that technology should make it easier for marketers to focus on what matters: ideas, strategy and creating,” said Andrew Bialecki, co-founder and CEO of Klaviyo.

As the name might suggest, this is a new version of the Klaviyo we know and love, but from what they have told us, it’s infinitely better. By integrating AI into various aspects of the Klaviyo platform “segment building, email subjects, industry benchmarking“ users should be able to work smarter, not harder for impressive email marketing results.

In this article, therefore, we’ll be diving into these different sections to give you a guide as to how to make the most of them and also how to apply them to your brand.

Segments AI

The first item Klaviyo has described is their AI-powered segmentation system. As users of Klaviyo will already know, you can segment your list of contacts by a variety of measures. For instance, you might want to group your audience into those who have engaged with your emails in the last 6 months as to better target them in future, and assign a different strategy to those who are not part of this segment.

Now, with some added AI help, you don’t even need to knowhow to segment your group. All you have to do is describe the people you want to reach to Klaviyo – such as “I want to find engaged profiles” as seen in this screenshot – and it will generate the segment for you.

Email & SMS AI

When it comes to the actual creation of the email, you can use some AI help here, too.

First, you can describe the topic and intent of your email to Klaviyo and it will generate a a few suitable options for a subject line – complete with supporting emojis.

Then, you can use AI to help create the body of the email, as well. When you select a section to add to the email, you can click the AI “star” and describe what it should be about.

Similarly, with SMS, you can use Klaviyo AI to generate both campaigns and replies, so that you can seamlessly and promptly respond to customers.

Product recommendations

As well as that, within these messages, you can use AI to better your product feeds.

When you add a product feed block to your email, you can choose Dynamic content, and then create a new product feed. Here, you can use the dropdown to select the AI-starred option – Products a customer may also like – and then base it on their view history, purchase history, or both.

This allows you to send better curated product feeds to customers, ideally improving engagement in your email marketing and conversion rates on your website.

Predictive analytics 

This is where Klaviyo can be especially useful for forward planning.

“This forecasts next order date, lifetime value, spending potential, predicted demographics, and more to deliver relevant experiences that convert. Klaviyo AI automatically generates predictive insights for each profile based not only on individual spending behavior, but data across all Klaviyo customers.”

From these predictions you can then, for instance, drop a customer an email around the expected date of their next order as a reminder, or implement churn rate-reduction tactics, like added incentives or offering proactive customer service.

Personalized benchmarks 

The AI-generated benchmarks are another analytics element which can come in handy when conducting reports or audits.

“Show how key metrics stack up against brands similar to you across our 135,000 customers. This helps you predict hidden strategic opportunities by identifying where to improve.”

For instance, in the example below, this shop owner might research new strategies as to improve bounce rates and average cart sizes – as these are the areas in which they are not meeting industry benchmarks.

Guided warming 

This AI feature is available if you meet the following qualifications:

  • Have at least 5,000 active profiles
  • Have engagement event data
  • Sent at least one campaign to greater than or equal to 1000 recipients in the last 30 days

If you meet these requirements, before you send a campaign, Klaviyo will advise you on your recipients, where necessary, to keep you out of spam folders and in people’s inboxes – such as in the example below:

A/B testing 

Klaviyo’s new AI can even help when it comes to A/B testing. It will be able to choose a winner for you, based on “statistical significance”, and then set this version live.

See an example of how this might be set up for a sign-up form:

It isn’t just for sign-up forms, though. According to Klaviyo, their AI “handles all your testing for sign-up forms, campaigns, flows, and more. With A/B testing, we’ll automatically choose and send the winner based on statistical significance.”

You can read more for yourself about Klaviyo AI here on their website.

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