As we welcome March, we reflect on the progress made since January. This update focuses on key developments within Shopify, including pricing adjustments, app changes, and new features designed to enhance your e-commerce strategy.

What’s Brewing in Shopify-land?

Shopify Reviews’ Transition

Shopify Reviews will soon be phased out. We recommend transitioning to alternative solutions such as or to continue leveraging customer feedback effectively.

Shopify has adjusted their pricing structure, the main things to note is that the basic plan now includes no staff and that you will only get 3 Shopify markets included in a plan.

Find out more about this here.

Geolocation App Sunset

The Shopify Geolocation app is scheduled for sunset on December 1st, 2024. Though we have had a lot of issues with this app, and the way we can control it, it has been handy for most stores. Lately we have been testing out ORBE as a robust alternative for those seeking to continue offering geolocation services to their customers.

Enhancements to Flat Shipping Rates

Shopify has introduced a new way when adding shipping rates of seeing a preview on how it will look for your customers, very handy to make sure you have the right length of wording but not too much to put them off. You can also add in a Custom delivery description which is great for things like adding in information about Duties/Taxes or for including if it is tracked etc.

New Metrics on Your Home Dashboard

Four new metrics have been added to your Shopify home dashboard, providing deeper insights into your store’s performance, including Sales by Channel, Top Selling Products, and Retail Sales by POS Location and Staff.

Featured Projects and App

Project Spotlights

This month, we’re proud to launch two new projects Resourceible and Nisi Jewellery. We’re excited to work with them in the future to further enhance their sites.

App of the Month

Enhance your product pages with SizeGuide, an essential tool for helping customers find their perfect fit. It helps reduce item returns, increasing customer trust, and should deliver a better overall experience shopping with your website.

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