We’ve had a bustling start to 2024 and want to dive into some thrilling projects and top tips for Shopify’s updates – particularly, their Winter Editions 2024.

While Shopify has introduced over 100 new features, it’s crucial to identify those most relevant for your store. We’ll be zeroing in on key areas that warrant a closer look, helping you to streamline your focus and optimise your Shopify experience. Keep in mind, not every feature may align with your store’s needs, so it’s about finding what works best for you.

See the most important news pieces for the start of 2024 here:

1. More complex products and attributes

Shopify has really stepped up their game with the largest update to their product model in over a decade. They’ve enhanced how all products, even the complex ones, are listed and discovered on their platform. This includes a new app for merchandising products in multiple colours and styles, and a revamped product taxonomy which includes having more control over your product listings in the future, and helping you generate more variants.

2. Improve Semantic Search

Shopify’s Winter Editions 2024 introduces an AI-powered storefront search feature, exclusive to Shopify Plus. This advanced tool transcends traditional keyword matching, offering a deeper understanding of customer search intent. It allows customers to use more natural language in their searches, resulting in richer and more relevant outcomes. This feature is a significant step towards enhancing the customer search experience on Shopify Plus platforms.

3. Shopify Subscriptions out of the box

Enhance customer loyalty and secure steady revenue by integrating subscriptions into your product offerings, using Shopify’s new and complimentary subscriptions app. This user-friendly app allows easy setup and management of subscriptions right from the Shopify admin panel. It also offers customers the flexibility to adjust or postpone their subscription orders via their account, enriching the overall shopping experience.

4. Improvements to Shopify Flow

Shopify introduces new features to enhance automation and efficiency. The Run code action enables writing JavaScript for complex business logic, data aggregation, and more. Additionally, a natural language search in the editor helps discover pre-built automation tasks and templates more quickly. For added reliability, automatic notifications alert you to any failed workflows, ensuring swift response and minimal business disruption. These tools are designed to streamline operations and improve your Shopify experience.

5. Always on Address Validation

Shopify’s new feature in checkout now ensures accurate address capture, eliminating failed deliveries, address correction fees, and lost sales due to invalid addresses. This enhancement streamlines the checkout process, ensuring smoother and more reliable deliveries for every order.

6. Updated Discounts Options

Shopify is enhancing conversions with new discount types, such as free automatic shipping and specific reductions on Buy X Get Y promotions. This feature also allows buyers to clearly see their savings directly in the cart view, improving transparency and the overall shopping experience

Sites we launched this month

Acquellero Home

Acquerello is a beautiful tableware brand created by event designer Annie Dunne. We made sure to let the products take centre stage with this design with a minimalist design and sparing colour choices.

It’s also robust and effective for customer shopping. With a one-page checkout, multiple purchase options, and detailed product pages like the one below, customers will be able to complete their purchases with ease and simplicity.

D8 Fitness

We announced we were working with D8 Fitness back in December, and we’re so pleased to now be able to showcase their brand new website.

We’re especially proud of the product filtering, which allows customers to really narrow their search options and find what they need even faster.

App of the Month

Watchlist – On page Back in Stock

This week’s highlighted app, Watchlist, is a game-changer for Shopify stores. It sends Email/SMS alerts for products back in stock and enables preorders to capture early demand. Quickly add a “Notify me” button for restock alerts, and leverage AI for in-stock recommendations. The app is customisable, integrates with your ESP or SMS platform, and offers advanced inventory control, including batch alerts and product popularity analytics. Watchlist is designed to boost your sales and streamline inventory management efficiently.

Check it out here: Watchlist on Shopify

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