March is over, April is on the horizon, and we’re taking a look at what changes and updates have been made to Shopify over the last month. This includes improvements to Klaviyo, Shopify discount codes, and more.

See what we think are the most important news items from the last month:

Google Consent Mode

As part of our ongoing effort to keep you updated with key developments, we wish to inform you about a significant change taking effect this March. Google is introducing Consent Mode on websites, reinforcing compliance with privacy regulations.

This update is notably important for businesses that utilise Google Ads, influencing the way data-driven insights for marketing strategies are collected and applied. For you, this ensures that your interactions with our website and advertisements remain respectful of your privacy preferences, in line with the latest regulations.

We have been implementing CookieYes which has a free version, you can sign up to an account here and let us know if you need help installing it 🙂

Klaviyo AI

Klaviyo the main email marketing tool we use for clients has unveiled Klaviyo AI, designed to revolutionise digital marketing with AI-powered automation. This suite of tools not only simplifies creating targeted marketing campaigns but also personalises customer interactions with predictive analytics, automated segment creation, and optimised email content. By integrating Klaviyo AI, businesses can expect to enhance their customer experiences, improve engagement, and drive revenue, ensuring marketing strategies are both effective and efficient. For those keen to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving digital landscape, embracing Klaviyo AI’s capabilities could be a game-changer.

Learn more here

Shopify POS – Combine Discount Codes

Staff can now combine various discount types within a single order on our POS system. This new feature empowers merchants to apply product, order, shipping, and custom discounts simultaneously, offering more flexibility and savings to their customers. Now, merchants can easily enhance their customers’ shopping experience by providing multiple discounts in one go.

Compare up to 4 apps at a time on the Shopify App Store

The Shopify App Store recently introduced an app comparison feature that allows merchants to easily select and compare up to 4 apps to see how they stack up across pricing, key features, review ratings, and more so you can make better, faster decisions.

Try it now on the Shopify App Store.

Shopify Flow – New Fulfilment Tasks

Shopify released three new fulfillment related tasks in Flow earlier in March.

“First, you can use the Move fulfillment order action in flow to move a fulfillment to a new location where all the line items are stocked. To give it a try, you can build a workflow from scratch in Flow, or use “Move large fulfillment orders to another fulfillment location” template.

Next, you can use Mark fulfillment order as fulfilled action in flow to create a fulfillment for an fulfillment order. To give it a try, you can build a workflow from scratch in Flow, or use “Fulfill a digital item in an order” template

Lastly, you can use Fulfillment order merged trigger to start your workflows when multiple fulfillment orders have been merged into one.”

You can see more about this here.

New projects from Glaze


We teamed up with speech and language resource platform Resourceible to build a new, robust website – and we’re so proud to be able to showcase it here:

Resourceible offers a unique global space for speech therapists and SLPAs to purchase and sell their original digital resources, and therefore its website needed to have easy navigation yet comprehensive categorisation. We created a simple navigation bar, with detailed drop down options, and also added filtering for even simpler product discovery.

Explore it further here:

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