2024 has seen plenty of changes to Shopify – many of them good, welcome, and exciting for stores owners. Now, nearly a year since its last price change, the eCommerce giant is updating their price system again.

Back in 2023, when Shopify last changed their prices, Shopify said:

“In order to not change the value of Shopify, we’ve had to change the price.

This change allows us to continue to solve some of the most difficult problems in the industry with the people that are best suited to solve them. It allows us to continue making more possible and empower more people to become entrepreneurs, and to do it at a pace that’s necessary to make commerce better for everyone.

Above all else, it means that we don’t have to compromise. It allows our merchants to continue to exist in a world where their dreams for what their businesses can become never have to contend with what is possible.”

These news changes for 2024 seem to have their roots in the same reasoning.

So, as a small business – what do you need to know?

Top 5 changes that you need to know:

All plans now have access to 60+ reports

This includes marketing reports, sales reports, and profit reports, providing various methods to monitor your store’s performance and identify new opportunities for optimisation.

Starter and Basic plans do not include Staff accounts

To add more staff accounts, vendors should opt for the “Shopify” plan or a higher tier. As a Partner, you have the option to request collaborator access to your clients’ stores directly from your Partner Dashboard. Collaborator accounts do not contribute to a store’s staff limit.

All plans will only include 3 markets for additional regional customisation

Region add-ons will be available only on the Advanced plan.

Chat support changes for Advanced Plan

Advanced plan now includes enhanced chat support with front of queue routing.

Starter and Basic plans no longer include access to customer personally identifiable information (Pll) with apps built in the Shopify admin.

To gain access, merchants need to choose the Shopify plan or a higher tier and pay an extra annual fee of $29.

Fortunately for existing users, these changes will only affect new stores created after January 2024. Existing merchants will retain their current plan and features unless they decide to switch plans, in which case they will be subject to the new plan inclusions.

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