Put your brand in front of potential customers at each stage of their journey with PPC.

What You Can Expect From PPC?

PPC is generally the quickest way to start generating website visits & sales as your ads will start being shown making it an attractive channel for many businesses and in particular new businesses who do not have a presence yet on other channels. Unlike other marketing channels PPC results are clearly visible making it easier to determine success. Brands that perform best using PPC have a search demand for their product or service meaning they can run ads targeting these searches and quickly generate website visits & sales.

Our PPC Process

With PPC first we determine the opportunity for the brand. This is determined by analysing the search volume and the competition in the market. Ideally we like to see a high level of search volume for search terms with purchase intent and a relatively low level of competition from other brands for Paid Search.

Once we have determined the opportunity for the brand we build campaigns targeting relevant search terms using persuasive ad copy that will entice the audience to click on the ad. Finally we setup tracking and reporting to measure and analyse performance and we make ongoing iterations based on this data to improve performance.

Our PPC Services

We work with brands to create a PPC strategy that will suit their business and deliver the best return on their investment. Our PPC services are outlined below:


Show ads to potential customers searching for your products or services.


Display your products to potential customers throughout their purchase journey.


Engage to visitors after they leave your website across the web.


Use Display ads to showcase your business to your target audience.

Why Work With Glaze Digital for PPC

Glaze Digital have PPC experts who will work with you at every stage to develop and implement a PPC strategy to reach and engage your target audience at each stage of their journey.

We have worked with some of the leading brands across Northern Ireland & beyond helping them develop & execute PPC strategies. You can see some of the brands we have worked with below and you can review some of our case studies below:

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