Help your business get found by potential customers searching for your products & services through SEO.

Is SEO Right for your Business?

If you have products or services that customers are searching for then SEO will help your business but how much it will help does vary greatly based on the demand and the competition. We assess the demand based on the search volume for search terms related to the business, if there are a lot of searches relating to the business this shows a large search demand. We assess the competition by looking at the competitors ranking for these search terms, well known established websites suggests a high level of competition whereas lesser known and relevant websites suggest a lower level of competition. Brands that will benefit most will have a high level of demand and a lower level of competition.

What can you expect from SEO?

SEO will increase the visibility of your website in the search results which will drive more traffic to your website. This traffic will range from visitors early in their journey searching for information to customers who are at the end of their journey and ready to make a purchase decision. Unlike Paid channels such as PPC & Paid Social SEO will take a longer time to generate results but a benefit to SEO against paid channels is that benefits from SEO work will continue after the work is complete whereas Paid channels will stop providing benefits once spending on the channel stops.

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Our SEO Process

Our SEO process has been tried and tested with dozens of businesses increasing their visibility online to generate traffic & sales for their business.

Keyword Research

We begin by conducting keyword research to determine the searches customers are using to search for the products or services that the businesses supply.

SEO Audit

Once keyword research is complete we carry out a detailed SEO audit to bring the website in line with technical SEO best practices and implement keyword research.


For gaps in the website from keyword research we develop content that can be used for target these search terms. This can be commercial pages, product pages or blog posts.


Finally we begin outreach to generate coverage & backlinks for the website which will increase the website authority and therefore the ability for the website to rank competitively.

Why Work With Glaze Digital for SEO

Glaze Digital have SEO experts in their team who will work closely with you to share their experience and expertise to help your business thrive using SEO.

We have worked with some of the leading brands across Northern Ireland & beyond helping them develop & execute SEO strategies. You can see some of the brands we have worked with below and you can review some of our case studies below:

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