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Content Creation & Marketing Services

As user attention becomes shorter businesses need to become the content their audience consumes as opposed to the ads around it.

We work with businesses to create content that their customers want to consume as they move through the purchase funnel. At the top of the funnel we create content and promote this in places where the audience can be reached online. At the bottom of the funnel we create website content that assists customer conversion.

Content Production
We provide content production services to help businesses produce high quality content for their audience. We work with journalists and copywriters to produce content assets including articles, videos, ebooks, quizzes and case studies for our clients and their digital channels.

Content Promotion
We work with businesses to promote their content to their target audience in places where they can be reached across the web such as social media networks and niche online communities.

How we do Content Marketing

We start by thoroughly researching the business’s audience to gain a deep understanding of the customer and their content needs.

We develop a content marketing strategy outlining the content that should be produced and how it should be promoted.

We begin creating and promoting content to the target audience and manage the process using a content calendar.

We provide a client dashboard which outlines progress and Content Marketing KPIs.