Search Engine Optimisation

We work with businesses to increase the traffic to their website through Organic Search. SEO will help a website increase it’s visibility for the searches that people are using to search for their products or services. These visitors show a high level of buying intent across most industries, which makes them highly valuable visitors for the business.

Our Approach To SEO

Although search algorithms have evolved significantly in recent years the fundamentals remain the same regarding the production of relevant information and authoritative links. We work with our clients to make their websites relevant to the searches their customer perform by carrying out keyword research to identify the searches customers use and the creating content rich pages for these topics. We improve the authority of our client’s websites through outreach to gain publicity for our clients, which results in high quality links to their website.

How we do SEO

Keyword Research
We begin by conducting keyword research to determine the searches customers are using to search for the products or services that the businesses supply.

Website optimisation
We make the website relevant to the searches that customers are performing by creating new content about these searches, optimising all content with On Page SEO and implementing Technical SEO best practices.

We research the client’s industry to determine who the most authoritative websites are and create an outreach list. We manually reach out to each of the targets and produce relevant content to gain placements and links to the business’s website.

Provide a client dashboard and monthly report on the most important highlighting progress and the most important Organic Search KPIs.